2011 Merit Badge College at the University of Dayton

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Image Courtesy of Epsilon Tau Pai FraternityClass information for the 2011 Merit Badge College at the University of Dayton has been released. Classes will be held on three Saturdays (February 12th, March 12th and April 9th) on the UD Campus. Merit Badge College classes start at 9:00 AM each Saturday and run through noon. 

Registration costs will be $10 (which does not include merit badge handbooks or class/lab materials).  Group registration by Troop 734 will take place on November 20th.  The registration fee covers 3 merit badges.  However, classes fill quickly so please submit a list of 6 merit badges, in order of preference from the list below no later than November 1st.

Merit Badge Classes (Click on the blue link to see merit badge requirements)

** - Eagle required merit badges

Classes such as first aid or CPR are also offered for adult chaperones.  No information has been released yet but will follow when available.

Once registration is complete, Mr. Bryan will arrange for carpooling.  Attendees show have their own breakfast prior to meeting at the church.  We normally have lunch at the UD Student Union following classes prior to returning to Columbus. 

Please contact Mr. Bryan for additional information or to submit your list of six merit badge preferences.

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